Exceed Your Cats Expectations

01532_p_s8ac96cq4j2371Originally Published Saturday, November 22, 2008

“Exceed Your Cats Expectation” is what I read off the new bag of cat food I bought for our cat Black Beauty. She’s 12, barely 8 pound, a whiner, a fussy eater and I find myself trying to meet her every expectation. Why try to please a cat you ask? Because it’s truly so simple an the reward is so great.

To back up a bit so you can understand why we’re now spoiling Black Beauty, we sadly had to put to sleep our other cat, Prince Caspian this fall. He was 13 and became sick quite suddenly. When we found out he had cancer we made the difficult decision and shed many, many tears. It had only been a couple of weeks earlier that my step-father had died of cancer and the pain and grief were fresh for our family. And when we came home greeting us with a cry was Black Beauty. He needs are few. Water, food, clean litter, a warm place to sleep. She got her share of hugs that day and was probably wondering why.

Friends asked if she missed Caspian. I don’t think so. They co-existed and were two very different personalities. Where Caspian was more aristocratic and somewhat a loner, Black Beauty was always in your face and under your feet and continues to be.

Beauty likes to drink from a stream of water my daughter runs for her in the bathroom sink each morning when she gets ready for school. She sits on the furnace vent in the family room as the heat does on in the a.m. and we all comment how the room is cold but do nothing to move her. She best for food whenever you pass her food bowl and if you ruffle her head just a bit and wiggle the dry food she chows down like you just put filet mignon in there. She loves people food and find ourselves cutting tidbits of our beef and poultry more often since Caspian died. Her favorite treat other than popcorn is to jump on my husband’s lap and beg to lick the last of his ice cream bowl. And he lets her, though he claims to not like cats. Just the spoon clinking on the edge of the bowl is enough to have her come running. This trick works well too if you have to get her in to her crate for a trip to the vet.

Presently, she is curled up sharing my lap with my computer. I’m warm, she’s warm, expectations are met, all is well.



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Friday, November 21, 2008

Blogging. Rhymes with clogging, fogging, hogging, and logging. Aren’t words wonderful? I guess if you were going, “Blah, blah, blah,” to a friend after logging onto your email, eventually someone would come with a way to thread it all together and christen it blogging.

I would never be coordinated enough to join the dancers who do clogging. Fogging is only what my windshield does at the most inopportune time when I’m on a highway with 18-wheelers and they’re hogging the road. Logging is best left to those stalwart few and muscular across the country whom I appreciate but can never emulate, so I guess I’ll take the foray into blogging, the safer bet by far.

I used to have a regular column called “Kirsten’s Chronicles” in my local paper where I talked about the things that inspired me, concerned me and even made me angry or break down in tears. I would often sit at my computer in my kitchen with a cup of coffee in hand and share my heart with my readers who responded often. They shared with me how what I had penned encouraged the or motivated to take action in some way. Due to budget cuts in the traditional newspaper industry, my column is gone but I am not.

Many have told me they missed my column and asked me to do it again, so I will in this new format. I hope you enjoy it.

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